Iran’s commercial port, Charbahar attacked, 4 killed

Geopolitical Monitor

TEHRAN: The strategic commercial port Charbahar in southern Iran has been attacked, killing Four people and injuring several more following a bomb explosion, according to Iranian state Press TV.

According to security officials from the port city, the explosion was caused by a car bomb in front of the Police Headquarters.

Deputy governor of Chabahar, Mohammad Hadi Marashi said a suicide bomber driving a Nissan pickup tried to attack the Chabahar Police HQ, but was stopped by police officers at the gate and who then detonated the explosives packed vehicle.

Some sources also reported gunfire after the explosion.

The Charbahar port city is located in Iranian Balochistan near the border with Pakistan, where China is heavily investing and building Gwadar port in Pakistani province of Balochistan through its Belt and Road initiative.

India, China’s competitor in the region is developing Chabahar Port as alternative to Gwadar, describing it as India’s “golden gateway” to Afghanistan and central Asia, bypassing Pakistan.

Charbahar is also central to Afghanistan’s trade through Iran at a time when it’s trade through Pakistan has significantly declined.