Google building a $1 billion dollar campus in New York


NEW YORK: Google announced on Monday it will invest over $1 billion dollars in New York City in order to set up a new campus in Hudson Square.

The campus is due to to open in 2020.

Google has become the second tech giant after after Amazon to expand into New York.

The new campus will be called Google Hudson Square.

Ruth Porat, Google’s chief financial officer said it would lease office buildings in lower Manhattan for the new campus of more than 1.7 million square feet.

“New York City continues to be a great source of diverse, world-class talent — that’s what brought Google to the city in 2000 and that’s what keeps us here,” Porat said.

Google’s first and other New York office at 111 Eighth Avenue is one of the city’s largest and most expensive buildings. 

Google bought it for $1.77 billion in 2010.