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Get ready, 5G is coming

BARCELONA: Stilling thinking and feeling good about 4G? That is so yesterday. Brace yourself because 5G is coming to a cell tower near you faster than you might think.

With speeds that could eventually hit hundreds of times those of 4G, The fifth generation (5G) of cellular networking promises to transform the way we communicate with each other and with our devices.

It’s the next step in mobile technology, what the phones and tablets of the future will use for data.

It will make 4G as irrelevant as 3G and 2G.

5G will not only have higher speeds but also greater bandwidth (the amount of devices and data that can be handled at once).

That means the benefits will go way beyond smartphones to cover everything in the Internet of Things. Your car, for example, will eventually be able to offer high-speed Wi-Fi wherever you are.

Qualcomm is planning to bring the revolutionary technology to the public as early as the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.