Dubai’s first synagogue comes to the forefront


DUBAI: The first synagogue in United Arab Emirates comes out of the shadows as relations between Israel and gulf nations grow. 

Muslims and Jews have lived side by side for hundreds of years until 1948 with the creation of Israel when hostilities grew between the followers of the two great faiths.

More recently, the attitude between Arabs and Israelis has shifted.

Fearful of Iran’s growing influence in the region, the gulf countries have taken a friendly turn towards Israel, who share the same concern.

The Dubai Synagogue is based in a residential neighbourhood in the Emirate of Dubai.

Jewish prayer is recited praising the local rulers in the following manner.

Bless and protect, guard and assist, exalt, magnify, and uplift the president of the U.A.E., Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, and his deputy, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and all the rulers of the other emirates and their crown princes.

The Dubai Synagogue is one of the very few Jewish places of worship in the region.

With changing political circumstances in the region, in October, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a historic visit to the Gulf state of Oman, and two other Israeli ministers visited the UAE.