Air freshener gets smart with an app

LONDON: Home may be where the heart is, but it is most certainly where the nose is. After all, does anything say “home” quite like the smell of mom’s cookies, or dad’s aftershave? Now, you can decide exactly what your home smells like thanks to Moodo.

Moodo is a smart air freshener box that can be controlled with a smartphone from anywhere anytime.

The device, now in a crowdfunding stage through Indiegogo, uses scented crystals in capsules which are diffused through a machine and blown into your house, with a choice of different scents.

You can choose between scents like “Eucalyptus Nights” or “Sandal Wood” and you can also create your very own scent and set up a “fragrance playlist” on your phone.

If you’re particularly taken with one of the scents you create, you can save the specific combination in the app, then recall, share, or further refine your personalized fragrance. And if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, simply tell Moodo how you’re feeling, and the app can suggest a few scents that will match or enhance your mood.

Don’t get rid of your scented candles just yet, though the box will run you $139, and a package of 48 capsules is a whopping $518.